"White House Looks To Set 'A New Gold Standard' For Green Buildings"

"The private consortium that writes the nation’s codes sided with industry over Biden. A new push to clean up federal buildings may put pressure on builders."

"Buildings use nearly half the energy generated in the United States, and produce more than a third of the country’s climate-changing pollution ― even more, if you consider the electricity powering elements like air conditioners, toasters and neon storefront signs.

Yet the federal government plays little role in setting the national building codes that determine whether new construction uses fossil fuels. And industry groups pulled off a quiet coup last year, seizing control over the nonprofit that sets model building codes for all 50 states in what was widely seen as a bid to maintain fossil fuels’ grip on new construction.

But the White House is now aiming to set what U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm called “a new gold standard for new construction all across America,” unveiling policies to promote electrification and cut fossil fuel use in buildings owned by the federal government.

On Wednesday, the White House’s Council on Environmental Quality announced the country’s first “federal building performance standard”: By 2030, 30% of all federal buildings by square footage will need to bring their emissions from cooking and heating equipment down to zero."

Alexander C. Kaufman reports for HuffPost December 7, 2022.


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Source: HuffPost, 12/08/2022