"White House Pressured NOAA Response to ‘Sharpiegate,’ IG Says"

"Political leaders at the White House and Commerce Department pressured the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to back up President Donald Trump’s false claims that Hurricane Dorian would strike Alabama, Commerce’s internal watchdog said in a report released Thursday evening.

The highly detailed, 115-page report offers a striking look inside several agencies and the White House, painting a picture of significant levels of political interference.

Trump tweeted on Sept. 1, 2019, that Alabama was among the states “most likely” to be hit by “one of the largest hurricanes ever.” Three days later, he displayed a map of Dorian’s projected path, showing what appeared to be a hand-drawn alteration that included Alabama."

Stephen Lee reports for Bloomberg Environment July 9, 2020.


"Investigation Rebukes Commerce Department For Siding With Trump Over Forecasters During Hurricane Dorian" (Washington Post)

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Source: Bloomberg Environment, 07/10/2020