"White House Releases Net-Zero Road Map"

"The White House announced a new initiative this morning [Friday] to help reach net-zero emissions and promised to direct research and billions in federal dollars toward 37 “game-changing” energy technologies.

The Net-Zero Game Changers Initiative, as it’s known, is led by a working group of 17 agencies, chaired by President Joe Biden’s climate advisers. The administration also released a new road map identifying five initial key areas for energy research and development to reach net zero by 2050: power grids, aviation, fusion energy, efficient buildings and net-zero fuels and industrial products.

Ramping up federal work in those five areas could yield climate jobs and environmental justice benefits and improve the country’s energy security, according to the administration."

David Iaconangelo reports for E&E News November 4, 2022.

Source: E&E News, 11/07/2022