"White House Report Says Benefits Of EPA Rules Far Outweigh Costs"

"As the Obama administration and industry groups go to war over the costs of a high-stakes climate rule, the White House has released a new study showing that the benefits of major federal regulations vastly exceed the costs.

Major rules issued by federal agencies over the past decade have estimated benefits between $217 billion and $863 billion per year, compared with estimated annual costs of between $57 billion and $84 billion, according to the recent draft report from the White House. Those estimates were reported using 2001 dollar values.

The draft report notes that some rules are anticipated to produce far higher net benefits than others and that there's substantial variation across agencies in the net benefits expected from new requirements."

Robin Bravender reports for Greenwire June 12, 2014.


"EPA’s McCarthy: Efficiency Is Key To Power Plant Carbon Rules" (The Hill)

Source: Greenwire, 06/13/2014