Why Americans Are Fighting Over A Gorgeous Monument Called Bears Ears

"The route to Newspaper Rock — so named because it’s carved with ancient petroglyphs — from the tiny city of Monticello, Utah, follows a narrow two-lane road through a breathtaking landscape.

It’s breathtaking partly because of the way the land craters into canyons on stretches of State Road 211, causing uninitiated drivers to grip the steering wheel. Soon the earth rises into mountains that seem to glow red under the sun. On one short stretch, the mountains divide, giving way to the road.

This is the northern part of the Bears Ears National Monument, which President Barack Obama designated as a monument in December. President Trump has been considering a reversal of that decision."

Darryl Fears reports for the Washington Post July 30, 2017.


"National Monuments: If Trump Topples Designations, Lawsuits, Confusion May Reign" (Greenwire)

Source: Washington Post, 07/31/2017