Wildfires And Wind Push Chicago’s Air Quality To Worst In The World

"At Promontory Park in Hyde Park, normally a spot for picnickers and parkgoers to admire an impressive view of the city, a group of four wore masks and looked across Lake Michigan at a whitish and gray skyline.

Miranda Mireles, 23, who grew up in Chicago and went to school in Washington state, said the scene felt “eerie.” She said the poor air quality had given her a headache.

”We’ve never had to deal with forest fire smoke,” Mireles said. “I was familiar with it (in Washington), but not here.”

As thick smoke from Canadian wildfires coated Chicago and the surrounding areas Tuesday, weather officials warned more bad air is expected Wednesday."

Vivian La, Jenna Smith, Nell Salzman, and Laura Rodríguez Presa report for the Chicago Tribune June 27, 2023.


"Chicago And Detroit Have The Worst Air Quality In The World Due To Canadian Wildfires. Here's How To Stay Safe." (USA TODAY)

Source: Chicago Tribune, 06/28/2023