"Wisconsin Shuts Down Hunt After 216 Wolves Are Killed In 3 Days"

"Hunters blew past a cap of 119 wolves after the Trump administration ditched protections for the animals just last month."

"Wisconsin officials shut down a planned weeklong wolf hunt in just three days after 216 of the animals were killed — 82% more than the maximum that had been set by the state.

“This season trampled over tribes’ treaty rights, the Wisconsin public, and professional wildlife stewardship,” a spokesperson for the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission told The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“It will go down as a stark example of mismanagement, and the problems that can be expected when the state Legislature and the courts embrace special interest groups over the public as a whole.”

Megan Nicholson, director of the Wisconsin chapter of the Humane Society of the United States, called the killing spree a “deeply sad and shameful week for Wisconsin.”"

Mary Papenfuss reports for HuffPost February 26, 2021.


"Wisconsin's Hastily Arranged Wolf Hunting And Trapping Season Ended With Many More Killed Than Quota" (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Source: HuffPost, 03/01/2021