Worries Over Seafood Safety Mount As Japan Releases Fukushima Water Into Sea

"FUKUSHIMA, Japan — Japan began releasing water from its crippled Fukushima nuclear plant into the Pacific Ocean Thursday over the objections of local fishermen and the government of neighboring China.

The move has led to criticism, particularly from fishermen, that the decision to release the water was made without enough public debate and input from Japan's northeast Tohoku region, despite its outsize contribution to the capital's supply of labor, seafood and energy.

China announced it is expanding an existing ban on seafood imports from Fukushima to include all of Japan, citing health concerns."

Anthony Kuhn reports for NPR August 24, 2023.


"Fukushima Wastewater Released Into The Ocean, China Bans All Japanese Seafood" (Reuters)

Source: NPR, 08/25/2023