Mixed News for Great Lakes

June 20, 2007

US and Canadian government agencies acknowledged the glass is only half full with the June 7, 2007, release of their State of the Great Lakes Highlights Report. (US EPA press release; State of the Great Lakes 2007 Reports).

In highlights of the relatively good news, the agencies say toxic emissions are generally down over the last 30 years, overall air quality is improving, certain fish are reproducing well in a few of the lakes, and about three-fourths of the beaches rarely had to be closed due to contamination.

Some of the bad news was that selected pollutants, such as flame retardants and prescription drugs, are being found more often, many fish consumption advisories must still be issued, numerous invasive species are spreading, and wetlands and other aquatic habitats continue to deteriorate.

See the full report for many more insights.


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