The Solutions Project: 5th Annual Report on Climate Solutions Narrative Trends

Event Date: 
May 9, 2023

The Solutions Project, a US nonprofit that funds & amplifies climate justice solutions created by frontline communities, is releasing its fifth annual report on Climate Solutions Narrative Trends (CSNT), tracking the extent to which coverage of climate issues — including renewable energy, water, and food systems — focuses on equity, highlights community-led solutions, and features women as spokespeople. You can download the report here.

You're invited to join an Instagram Live conversation on the findings on May 9, 2023 at 3pm ET, hosted on The Solutions Project’s Instagram.

The strategy and communications firm Conspire for Good analyzed 7,250 news and opinion articles and 3,900 top-engagement social media posts, all published in 2022 and focused on climate solutions. Highlights from this year’s report are below.

Highlights from this year’s report

  • Again in 2022, of articles that quoted or referenced a person, a majority of them quoted a woman.
  • Coverage trends show the federal government acting on climate change and climate solutions, while states, communities, and advocates call for more effort and investment.
  • Of the 1220 articles that mentioned communities of color, 52% included solutions, compared to 46% of articles that did not mention communities of color.
  • For the first time, articles referencing issues of equity or justice fell in 2022 to 27% for renewable energy coverage.
  • Coverage of electric vehicles and charging station infrastructure appeared in almost 10% of all renewable energy coverage. Public transportation was mentioned in less than 2%.
  • 40% of articles about contaminated water referenced equity and justice or communities of color.
  • Movements and local communities were positioned as leading on food system issues more than the federal government.
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