Webinar: Generative AI’s Impact on Law

Event Date: 
June 14, 2023

When ChatGPT-4 passed the bar exam, it made headlines. But what does it really mean? AI algorithms can review legal contracts and perform basic discovery, improving efficiency for small tasks. But as it makes gains more and more quickly, generative AI raises questions of ethics and job security as well as untapped opportunity.

A March survey found 82% of lawyers thought AI could be applied to the profession, and 51% of them thought it should be applied. However, only 3% of respondents said they were currently using AI in their work.

As we’re confronted by fast-moving advances in the artificial intelligence landscape, the National Press Foundation offers this virtual briefing for journalists and lawyers alike assessing the risks and opportunities of generative AI.

When: June 14, 11 a.m.-12 p.m. ET

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