23 Governors Join California’s Push For More Efficient Cars And Trucks

"The group, which includes Democrats and Republicans, marks the latest effort to pressure the Trump administration to embrace more ambitious national standards"

"Nearly two dozen governors, including several Republicans, are imploring the Trump administration to embrace more aggressive gas mileage requirements for the nation’s cars and pickup trucks, saying the White House’s effort to weaken existing requirements could hurt consumers, automakers and the environment.

In a joint statement Tuesday, governors from 22 states and Puerto Rico joined California in calling for a “common sense” national approach that would provide regulatory certainty to the auto industry while also helping to combat climate change. “Strong vehicle standards protect our communities from unnecessary air pollution and fuel costs, and they address the largest source of carbon pollution in the United States,” they wrote.

Mary Nichols, chair of the California Air Resources Board (CARB), said Tuesday’s statement underscores that a growing number of states are willing to back California in its push to cut carbon emissions and other pollution from the nation’s tailpipes. Currently, 13 states and the District of Columbia have said they are poised to adopt California’s standards if they diverge from the federal government’s."

Brady Dennis reports for the Washington Post July 9, 2019.


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Source: Washington Post, 07/10/2019