Australia Pledges ‘Net Zero’ by 2050. Plan Makes That Hard to Believe

"The country’s last-minute commitment before next week’s climate summit is built on hope for new technology, and little else."

"SYDNEY, Australia — After months of debate and delay, the Australian government on Tuesday promised to reach “net zero” emissions by 2050, unveiling a plan built on hope and investment in low-emissions technologies.

Promising jobs and no new taxes or mandates, the plan did not include any toughening of emissions targets for 2030 — a major component of what scientists have said will be needed from world leaders at next week’s U.N. climate summit in Glasgow. Despite international pressure, Australia signaled it would not retreat from its overreliance on coal and gas.

Both play a major role in Australia’s electricity grid and as subsidized exports. Under the plan released Tuesday, which Prime Minister Scott Morrison called “uniquely Australian,” that dependence on fossil fuels will continue, prompting critics to argue that he will be arriving in Scotland for the climate gathering with an outdated status quo wrapped up in new packaging."

Damien Cave reports for the New York Times October 26, 2021.

Source: NYTimes, 10/27/2021