"Automakers Call on E.P.A. Chief to Ease Fuel-Efficiency Standards"

"President Trump has vowed to roll back regulations on business, and automakers are wasting no time in pushing his administration to make good on the promise.

Two lobbying groups representing auto manufacturers have written letters urging the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, to reverse a decision last month by the Obama administration to move forward with tougher fuel-economy standards that carmakers are supposed to meet by 2025.

Automakers contend the gas-mileage targets will be difficult and expensive to hit and will force them to produce more high-mileage cars at a time when most Americans are buying sport utility vehicles, trucks and other roomy models that are less fuel-efficient and more profitable."

Neal E. Boudette reports for the New York Times February 22, 2017.

Source: NY Times, 02/23/2017