Biden Aims To Make U.S. an EV Powerhouse. Congress May Not Be Plugged In

"President Biden wants more than $170 billion to turn the nation from a laggard in the electric vehicle market into a leader. He’s challenging Congress to OK billions more in spending to persuade Americans to part with their gas-powered cars and take public transit, and even to electrify a chunk of the nation’s yellow school bus fleets.

And he’s demanding the country get serious about removing some of the dirtiest diesel trucks from the road, a move aimed in part at improving air quality in neighborhoods choked by smog.

Biden’s $2.25-trillion proposal to overhaul the nation’s infrastructure is about much more than bridges and highways. It’s a blueprint for executing his ambitious goals of decarbonizing the country’s economy by 2050 and restoring America’s role as a leader on fighting climate change.

“Wrapped in what otherwise would be a traditional infrastructure bill is what I would call a light Green New Deal,” said Antonio Bento, a professor of public policy and economics at USC, referring to progressive Democrats’ grand plan for weaning the country off fossil fuels and creating clean energy jobs. “I think this is our best shot ever at reducing emissions.”"

Anna M. Phillips reports for the Los Angeles Times March 31, 2021.


"Biden’s Push for Electric Cars: $174 Billion, 10 Years and a Bit of Luck" (New York Times)

Source: LA Times, 04/01/2021