"Biden Could Score a Climate Victory in a Single Word: Plastics"

"The administration is supporting the crafting of a global treaty that would address pollution across the plastics life-cycle, from manufacture to disposal."

"With Biden’s ambitious climate agenda blocked in the Senate, the administration now has an opportunity to look for a win through diplomacy, while at the same time addressing one of the most pressing problems facing the planet.

The plastics industry has exploded in recent decades, with plastic products becoming ubiquitous in daily life. But plastic pollution is now also ubiquitous, found on the highest mountains, in the deepest ocean trenches, in the bellies of whales and the placenta of new mothers after birth.

There’s also a growing awareness of the role of plastics—which are derived largely from fossil fuels—in driving climate change and contributing to environmental injustices.

The plastics problem has reached such a crisis that last week, negotiators gathered in Nairobi in advance of a meeting of the United Nations Environment Assembly, with the goal of launching formal talks on a global treaty to reduce plastic pollution. The assembly meeting begins Monday and runs through Wednesday."

James Bruggers reports for Inside Climate News February 28, 2022.

Source: Inside Climate News, 03/01/2022