"Biden Picks D.C. Utility Regulator For FERC Commissioner"

"President Biden will nominate the chair of the District of Columbia’s Public Service Commission to fill a vacancy on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the White House announced today [Thursday].

If confirmed by the Senate, Willie Phillips, a Democrat, would tip the political scale in favor of Biden’s party on the five-member commission that regulates wholesale power markets and large energy projects and is crucial for the success of the administration’s climate agenda.

"As the Biden Administration works to tackle the climate crisis, advance environmental justice, and create a clean electricity grid by 2035, FERC will maintain an important role regulating the transmission of carbon-free energy across the country," the White House said in a news release.

Phillips has served on the D.C. utility commission since 2014 and has helped modernize the district’s power grid, implemented citywide clean energy goals and worked to protect customers, the White House said. Prior to that, he was assistant general counsel for the North American Electric Reliability Corp. and an attorney at the energy and environment-focused law firm Van Ness Feldman LLP. He has been considered a front-runner for the FERC position for months."

Miranda Willson reports for E&E News September 9, 2021.

Source: E&E News, 09/10/2021