"BLM Looks To 'Existing Authorities' In Bid To Rescind Fracking Rule"

"In a call to rescind an Obama-era regulation governing hydraulic fracturing on public lands, the Bureau of Land Management is calling for public input on how best to rely on "pre-existing authorities" to manage unconventional drilling.

Slated for publication in today's Federal Register, the proposed rule finds that the 2015 fracking regulation would create "unjustified" annual compliance costs of between $32 million and $45 million for the oil and gas industry (Greenwire, July 24).

"BLM is seeking specific comments on approaches that could be used under existing Federal authorities, including what additional information could be collected during the APD [application for permit to drill] process or through sundry notices," the proposed rule says.

That language seems at odds with the administration's goal of reducing the number of pending permit applications, said Michael Saul, senior attorney for the public lands program at the Center for Biological Diversity, which supports keeping the 2015 rule (Greenwire, July 6)."

Pamela King reports for EnergyWire July 25, 2017.


"Trump Proposes Scrapping Obama-Era Fracking Rule On Water Pollution" (Guardian)

Source: EnergyWire, 07/26/2017