California Rooftop Solar War Heats Up As Regulators Pull Reform Proposal

"Ballot initiatives to protect the current system, which state regulators say steals from the poor to benefit the rich, are filed for 2022 election".

"Regulators want to destroy rooftop solar to protect the obscene profits of utility companies, one side charges.

The other side claims rooftop solar owners are circling the wagons to protect their own profits — the over-market amount they’re paid for exporting power to their neighbors — and to avoid paying their fair share to maintain the electric grid.

The California Public Utilities Commission, which regulates electric rates, has been working for years on a major revamp of how rooftop solar works in the Golden State. Its proposal to make the system more fair for all was released last month and slated for final approval on Jan. 27. But after thousands of blistering comments poured in from rooftop solar owners and the governor cast a stink eye at the proposal, it’s officially off the PUC’s Thursday agenda.

It’s not clear when it will be back, or in what form."

Teri Sforza reports for the San Jose Mercury News January 24, 2022.


"A Fight Over Rooftop Solar Threatens California’s Climate Goals" (New York Times)

Source: San Jose Mercury News, 01/25/2022