Carbon Credit Speculators Could Lose Billions As Offsets Deemed ‘Worthless’

"Many credits in the voluntary market going unused, with study finding some offsetting could make global heating worse".

"Carbon credit speculators could lose billions as scientific evidence shows many offsets they have bought have no environmental worth and have become stranded assets.

Amid growing evidence that huge numbers of carbon credits do nothing to mitigate global heating and can sometimes be linked to alleged human rights concerns, there is a growing pile of carbon credits equivalent to the annual emissions of Japan, the world’s fifth largest polluter, that are unused in the unregulated voluntary market, according to market analysis.

From Apple to Disney, Gucci to Shell, many of the largest companies in the world have used carbon credits for their sustainability efforts from the unregulated voluntary market, which grew to $2bn (£1.6bn) in size in 2021 and saw prices for many carbon credits rise above $20 per offset.

The credits are often generated on the basis they are contributing to climate change mitigation such as stopping tropical deforestation, tree planting and creating renewable energy projects in developing countries. Proponents say they need to massively increase in size and scale to help meet the Paris agreement to limit global heating."

Patrick Greenfield reports for the Guardian August 24, 2023.


"Carbon Offsets to Reduce Deforestation Are Significantly Overestimating Their Impact, a New Study Finds" (Inside Climate News)

Source: Guardian, 08/25/2023