Clean Water: "Court Battles, 2020 Election Loom Over Trump WOTUS Rule"

"Trump administration officials took a victory lap after they unveiled their final revisions to Clean Water Act protections for waterways and wetlands.

But the Waters of the U.S., or WOTUS, replacement rule that EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers completed yesterday must now survive a possible Democratic win in the 2020 presidential election and an expected inundation of challenges in the courts.

If, say, Bernie Sanders is elected president, he would 'go immediately to every court that has challenges pending and ask that they be put on hold because he's going to replace it,' said Vermont Law School professor Pat Parenteau.

'Just the way Trump did.'"

Pamela King and Ariel Wittenberg report for Greenwire January 24, 2020.


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Source: Greenwire, 01/27/2020