"Climate: Warming Could Open U.S. For More 'Murder Hornets'"

"Reports of bugs nicknamed "murder hornets" in the United States generated a lot of buzz as well as new legislation this week — and climate change could make the problem worse.

Vespa mandarinia is the scientific name for the Asian giant hornet, which measures up to 2 inches long and delivers a powerful sting.

These hornets can decapitate honeybees and seize their hive in a couple of hours, and they've even killed humans on rare occasions, earning them their "murder" moniker.

Washington state officials confirmed two Asian giant hornet specimens locally last year. While the number of hornets throughout the country is unknown, climate change could provide the hornet a more suitable habitat in the United States."

Bev Banks reports for Greenwire May 8, 2020.

Source: Greenwire, 05/11/2020