"Clothes Washers, Dryers Get Biden Energy Efficiency Upgrade"

"The Biden administration announced final rules on Thursday that impose updated energy efficiency requirements for residential clothes washers and dryers, the latest in a series of appliance standards required by a legal settlement.

The new standards will save consumers $39 billion over 30 years of shipments, while also reducing nearly 71 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions—equivalent to the combined annual emissions of nearly 9 million homes, the Energy Department said. Compliance will be required beginning March 1, 2028.

The efficiency standards adopted a recommendation offered in September by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) and a group of environmental organizations and efficiency advocates. This marks the second time the department has referred to a compromise between industry and advocates, after the DOE adopted recommendations for refrigerators and freezers in December."

Daniel Moore reports for Bloomberg Environment February 29, 2024.

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 03/01/2024