"Donald Trump, Bird Killer"

"He campaigned as a guardian of birds. Now, his administration is pushing policies that could send billions of them to their graves."

"“The wind kills all your birds,” Donald Trump, then the Republican nominee for president, told his supporters at a rally in Pennsylvania last year. It was a crowd-pleasing message for a state that’s among the largest producers of oil, gas, and coal in the country; Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton, had proposed phasing out fossil fuels in favor of renewable energy sources like wind power. “All your birds: killed,” he said.

Trump’s apparent concern for birds’ welfare is almost Franzen-esque, and it predates his presidential run. A New York Times tally earlier this year found that Trump has mentioned wind turbines’ bird-killing abilities more than 55 times since 2012, including 22 tweets."

Emily Atkin reports for the New Republic October 25, 2017.

Source: New Republic, 10/26/2017