"EPA Again Blocks Colorado Air Pollution Permit For Suncor"

"Regional office agrees with protest comments and demands changes from state air pollution officials, after similar objections last year".

"The EPA’s Denver regional office is once again blocking a renewed state air pollution permit for the Suncor refinery in Commerce City, agreeing to objections from environmental groups that Colorado should crack down harder on carbon monoxide dangers and past plant modifications.

Suncor has had numerous air and water pollution violations in recent years, and the regional Environmental Protection Agency had its own objections to Suncor permit renewals last year, ordering the state to make changes. After Colorado issued revisions, neighbors and environmental groups had the chance to make new objections.

While Suncor’s Plant 2 will be allowed to continue producing petroleum products for Colorado and the region, state air pollution officials must now “resolve EPA’s objections” based on the environmental groups’ two petitions “before issuing a revised permit.”"

Michael Booth reports for the Colorado Sun August 1, 2023.

Source: Colorado Sun, 08/02/2023