"EPA Leaves Americans In The Dark On Toxic Air Pollution"

"Across the United States, residents of neighborhoods abutting refineries, chemical plants and other major industrial sources can generally be sure of two facts: Those facilities emits tons of dangerous pollutants and EPA rarely requires monitoring for their presence in local air.

Meanwhile, after a Norfolk Southern Corp. freight train spectacularly derailed in northeast Ohio last month, the agency rushed to protect residents with around-the-clock air tracking for dozens of contaminants.

The contrast is striking.

Environmental advocates elsewhere don’t begrudge East Palestine, Ohio, residents that exceptional response. But the rule is a “broken” system that allows companies to pollute, then fails to keep tabs on the public’s real-life exposure to that pollution, said Anne Rolfes, director of the Louisiana Bucket Brigade."

Sean Reilly reports for E&E News March 29, 2023.

Source: E&E News, 03/30/2023