"EPA Looks To Rescind HFC Leak Controls"

"The EPA’s Refrigerant Management proposed rule would rescind Obama-era regulations to control leaks and the venting of HFC refrigerants from refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. This proposal also requests public comment on rescinding other provisions that were extended to HFCs.

If passed, appliances with 50 or more pounds (23kg) of HFC refrigerants would not be subject to leak rate calculations when refrigerant is added to an appliance, neither would there be a requirement to repair an appliance that leaks above a threshold leak rate. Verification tests on repairs would not be required, nor would there be a need to conduct periodic leak inspections on appliances that exceed the threshold leak rate.

The proposal has received strong criticism from the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA). “The proposed roll back of pivotal controls, intended to reduce superpollutant leaks from some of the highest leaking systems operating today, flies directly in the face of common sense,” said Avipsa Mahapatra, EIA climate campaign lead.“Without these EPA controls, only California currently has a programme to limit leaks of such superpollutants. Facilities across the rest of the country now will be allowed to leak and vent unlimited quantities of HFCs with no accountability,” she added."

Cooling Post had the story September 20, 2018.

Source: Cooling Post, 09/20/2018