"EPA May Ask Drillers for Info on Chemicals in Fracking"

"The Obama administration began a process that may result in the first federal regulation of chemicals used in fracking, a drilling technique that has transformed energy production while eluding oversight sought by environmentalists.

After three years of delay, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said Friday it’s considering rules requiring oilfield service companies such as Halliburton Co. to send it details on the health and safety of the chemicals used. The agency said it may decide to stop short of rules, and use incentives or voluntary steps.

'It’s unfortunate that this process has taken so long, as it addresses a critical need to ensure the safety of chemicals used in fracking,' Richard Denison, the lead scientist of the Environmental Defense Fund, said in a blog post. 'This is only the first baby step toward initiating the rulemaking process EPA said it would undertake.'"

Mark Drajem reports for Bloomberg News May 9, 2014.


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Source: Bloomberg, 05/12/2014