"First US Rule for Tire Chemical Part of Broader EPA Effort"

"Companies that make or import a chemical commonly used to make tires will have to submit unpublished health and safety studies under a rule the EPA expects to finalize by the end of next year.

The Environmental Protection Agency announced the planned rule on Thursday as part of a broader state-supported effort aimed at restricting the use of the chemical called 6PPD.

It’s the first federal regulatory effort to tackle the complex risks and benefits of a chemical that’s also used in other rubber products like footwear, synthetic turf, and playgrounds.

6PPD helps save drivers and passengers’ lives because tires made with it resist degradation and cracking, says the US Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA).

Yet tires shed tiny particles as they wheel down roads. As 6PPD reacts with ozone in the air it forms 6PPD-quinone, which is in the tiny particles that run off through stormwater. 6PPD-quinone kills salmon, trout, and other aquatic life, EPA says."

Pat Rizzuto reports for Bloomberg Environment November 3, 2023.


"U.S. Regulators Will Review Car-Tire Chemical That Kills Salmon, Upon Request From West Coast Tribes" (AP)

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 11/06/2023