"With Floods Rising, Cities Enlist Nature To Tame The Risks"

"Detroit, Philadelphia, and Houston are among the places investing in 'green infrastructure' that mimics wetlands. It can be cheaper than the alternative, given the threat posed by climate change."

"Detroit — If Ronier Golightly forgets to tend to the street drain near his home, this Northwest Detroit neighborhood might be mistaken for an ephemeral Great Lake after a rain.

The infrastructure in this community just south of the Eight Mile Road, which divides the city from its northern suburbs, has long been problematic. Mr. Golightly and his two neighbors have the unofficial job of clearing leaves from gutters, which has a measurable effect on road flooding.

“Get a rake and make sure the drain is clear. We’ve been doing it so much that it’s just like guaranteed, it’s not a big deal anymore,” Golightly, a former radio DJ and current popcorn entrepreneur, said as he walked his neighborhood one day earlier this fall. “We knew it was going to get backed up. It doesn’t even take a deep rain.”"

Zack Colman reports for the Christian Science Monitor's Inhabit December 20, 2016.

Source: Christian Science Monitor, 12/20/2016