"Former Obama EPA Head Tells Trump's EPA: 'Just Do Your Jobs'"

"An Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator under former President Obama told lawmakers Tuesday the agency under the Trump administration is ignoring its mission.

“I’m here for one reason and one reason only. And it’s not to weep about all my precious rules being rolled back. Though I admit that the constant roll back is beginning to tick me off a bit,” said Gina McCarthy, who headed the EPA during the Obama administration. “I’m here to remind the political leadership at the EPA that what they do matters, and it’s time for them to step up and do their jobs. Just do your jobs. Right now this administration is trying to systemically undo health protections by running roughshod over the law.”

McCarthy joined three other former EPA heads who served under Republican administrations in recently sending a letter to lawmakers expressing their concern about the direction of the agency under the Trump administration.

Those concerns include the agency’s retreat from science, the influence of regulated industries, a disinterest in addressing climate change and a lack of a focus on public health."

Rebecca Beitsch reports for The Hill June 11, 2019.


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Source: The Hill, 06/12/2019