"‘Game Changer’: EPA Rule Would Force Removal Of America’s Lead Pipes"

"EPA is calling on utilities to eliminate the largest source of lead contamination in drinking water with a proposal to require removal of all lead pipes within the next decade.

“Everyone in this country should be able to turn on their tap for a glass of water and know that it’s safe to drink,” EPA Administrator Michael Regan said at a press briefing for the lead and copper rule improvements.

Lead is a neurotoxin that can cause irreversible damage to the nervous system and the brain, particularly in babies and small children, who can suffer lifelong cognitive and behavioral impairment as the result of lead exposure.

If finalized, the proposed regulation would be the strictest standards for lead in drinking water since rules were first written more than 30 years ago.

The proposal also follows through on a promise from President Joe Biden early in his administration to remove 100 percent of lead pipes."

Ariel Wittenberg reports for E&E News November 30, 2023.


"Biden Administration to Require Replacing of Lead Pipes Within 10 Years" (New York Times)

Source: E&E News, 12/01/2023