"‘Get The Right Cases To The Supreme Court’: Inside Charles Koch’s Network"

"Billionaire’s web of rightwing groups works to bring cases to court that could undermine core functionings of the US government"

"The Koch network, a web of rightwing groups cultivated by billionaire businessman Charles Koch and his late brother David Koch, is spearheading the attack on federal agencies and government regulations that dominates the US supreme court agenda this term.

The network has been working behind the scenes to bring cases before the court that, if successful, could undermine many of the core functionings of the US government. At least two of the biggest cases to be considered by the justices this term have been spurred by groups bankrolled and coordinated within the Koch universe.

Footage of an internal panel discussion between senior operatives from Koch entities held in the summer of 2022 reveals that the network has been quietly planning the current assault on the “administrative state”. The groups are seeking to exploit the supreme court’s new six-to-three rightwing majority secured by Donald Trump to dismantle vital executive powers."

Ed Pilkington and Nick Surgey report for the Guardian in partnership with Documented October 26, 2023.

Source: Guardian, 10/30/2023