"‘Gone Wrong’: Doubts On Carbon-Credit Program In Peru Forest"

"SAN MARTÍN, Peru — The Cordillera Azul National Park on the eastern flank of the Peruvian Andes takes in a sweep of Amazon rainforest, mountains and waterfalls in a territory about the size of Connecticut, so precious that tens of millions of dollars in carbon credits have been sold in a program that supporters said would protect its trees.

But an analysis by independent experts and reporting by The Associated Press raises doubts about whether the project has delivered on its promise to counter-balance emissions by oil companies such as Shell, TotalEnergies and others. And the tree loss has more than doubled, according to satellite analysis.

Experts say the Cordillera Azul project was flawed from the beginning, with far too many carbon credits generated and exaggerated benefits that allowed the nonprofit running the park for the Peruvian government to make more money — even as the tree canopy shrank. "

Ed Davey reports for the Associated Press March 30, 2023.


"Takeaways From AP Examination Of Peru Carbon Credit Program" (AP)


Source: AP, 03/31/2023