"How Do Neighbors of Solar Farms Really Feel? A New Survey Has Answers"

"Overall sentiment is positive, but swings toward negative for people living close to the largest projects."

"For people living within three miles of a large solar farm, positive attitudes about the development outnumber negative ones by about a three-to-one margin, according to a new national survey released this week by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Some of the results are likely to be encouraging for solar developers, and could be used in local debates to show that community sentiment may favor solar more than is evident just from looking at often-contentious testimony at local public hearings.

But solar opponents also can point to parts of the report that show serious concerns about development. For example, the survey found that people who live within three miles of projects that are 100 megawatts or larger have negative attitudes that outnumber positive ones by about 12 to one."

Dan Gearino reports for Inside Climate News April 16, 2024.

Source: Inside Climate News, 04/19/2024