"Modest Hopes for Warsaw Climate Talks"

"World governments meeting in Poland from Monday are likely to make only modest progress in reaching a 2015 deal to fight climate change, with concern over economic growth at least partially eclipsing scientists' warnings of rising temperatures."

"'We can't expect a grand agreement that solves the problems in one fell swoop,' said Elliot Diringer, executive director of the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, a US think-tank.

The best hope, he said, was for a 2015 accord in which countries would agree limits on emissions of greenhouse gases with a mechanism to compare and strengthen them over time.

The outline of a deal, to be discussed by negotiators in Warsaw from Nov. 11-22, is emerging that will not halt a creeping rise in temperatures but might be a guide for tougher measures in later years."

The Sydney Morning Herald had the story November 11, 2013.


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Source: Sydney Morning Herald, 11/11/2013