"National Parks: Experiment Puts Mall Rats On Birth Control"

"The National Mall will soon have something new: rats on birth control.

Under a pilot project set to begin in the coming weeks, a contraceptive bait called ContraPest will be fed to rats around the food kiosk at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

The plan is the brainchild of Arizona-based SenesTech Inc., which says it makes more sense to target the reproductive capabilities of rats to try to eliminate them in the long run instead of relying on toxic poisons to kill them immediately.

Calling it 'a new paradigm in rodent control,' the company says its formula can work on both sexes of rats, inducing egg loss in females and impairing sperm development in males."

Rob Hotakainen reports for Greenwire November 28, 2017.

Source: Greenwire, 11/29/2017