News Corp Gasses Up ‘Green’ Fossil Fuels - But Does It Pass The Sniff Test?

"Series sponsored by organisations including coal and gas companies features ‘incorrect’ claims on ‘green gas’ and context missing on carbon capture technology".

"In a double-page spread in News Corp Australia’s metropolitan newspapers on Monday, readers were told how families loved cooking with gas, how gas had been officially stamped as “green” by the European Union and how coal had a future thanks to carbon capture and storage.

The news articles, packed with industry talking points about the future of fossil fuels, were written around a picture of a smiling mum with her two young sons, one of them sitting cross-legged on a kitchen bench next to a gas stove.

Nowhere were readers told the articles – part of a series running this week called Future Energy – were sponsored by seven organisations that included a gas retailer, a gas pipeline company and a project of the black coal industry."

Graham Readfearn reports for the Guardian September 13, 2023.

Source: Guardian, 09/14/2023