"NOAA Gets Dire Warning About Solar Geoengineering"

"The agency is being asked to strengthen a toothless rule that requires only a heads-up before experiments to modify the weather."

"Picture this: As a Phoenix heat wave is killing hundreds of people, an entrepreneur approaches the city’s mayor with an extraordinary offer.

The company will spray enough aerosols into the sky to reduce temperatures near Phoenix for a week, until the heat wave passes. It’s a tempting offer that could save lives, although the science surrounding what happens next isn’t clear.

Such a scenario might once have been the stuff of science fiction novels, but it’s no longer far-fetched, said David Bookbinder, a longtime climate attorney who previously served as Sierra Club’s chief climate counsel.

He and other climate experts fear that regulators aren’t ready for what’s coming."

Robin Bravender reports for E&E News March 25, 2024.


"Geoengineering Faces a Wave of Backlash Over Regulatory Gaps and Unknown Risks" (Inside Climate News)


Source: E&E News, 03/27/2024