"Over 100 Nations To Adopt 'Kunming Declaration' To Boost Biodiversity"

"Amid an unprecedented extinction event, scientists have warned that protecting biodiversity is essential to protecting human life. However, experts are unsure whether China has the experience to lead a global effort."

"As of Wednesday, more than 100 countries have signed on to the so-called Kunming Declaration to protect biodiversity.

Speaking at a UN climate conference in the Chinese city of Kunming, China's Environment Minister Huang Runqi praised the declaration and the enthusiasm, but added that it was a statement of political will and not a binding agreement.

The document calls for "urgent and integrated" steps to tackle decreasing biodiversity around the world, with particular emphasis on how many sectors of the global economy have contributed to a dangerous decrease in habitats and species over the past century.

One of the measures suggested by the declaration is increased funding for conservation in poorer countries, as well as vowing to create more sustainable and environmentally friendly supply chains."

DW had the story October 13, 2021.


"Countries Call For Urgent Action On Biodiversity With 'Kunming Declaration'" (Reuters)

Source: DW, 10/14/2021