"Pendley Appointment Extended Despite Legal Threat"

"William Perry Pendley will serve for at least another month as acting director of the Bureau of Land Management, despite activist groups warning Interior Secretary David Bernhardt to expect a lawsuit should he extend Pendley’s assignment running the agency.

Bernhardt on Tuesday issued a written order giving Pendley decision-making authority over the BLM through June 5. That authority was set to expire Tuesday unless extended.

Pendley is deputy director of policy and programs at the BLM but has been running it since Bernhardt first put him in charge last summer. Bernhardt has extended that assignment several times since. That has resulted in Pendley overseeing the agency’s relocation of its national headquarters to Grand Junction, as well as the moving of many other BLM jobs based in Washington, D.C., to several states."

Dennis Webb reports for the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel May 6, 2020.

Source: Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, 05/06/2020