"A Plane Fueled By Fat And Sugar Has Crossed The Atlantic Ocean"

"For the first time ever, a commercial plane flew across the Atlantic Ocean without using fossil fuels.

Virgin Atlantic said the test flight Tuesday from London to New York was powered only by sustainable aviation fuel, or SAF, a broad category of jet fuel that creates fewer carbon emissions than standard kerosene blends. The fuel on this flight was made from waste fats and plant sugars and emits 70% less carbon than petroleum-based jet fuel, according to a press release. It landed at John F. Kennedy International Airport on Tuesday afternoon.

Experts say sustainable aviation fuels may one day play a big role in shrinking the aviation industry’s carbon footprint — even though its production is minuscule today. SAF accounts for about 0.1% of airlines’ current fuel consumption."

Nicolás Rivero reports for the Washington Post November 28, 2023.

Source: Washington Post, 11/29/2023