Public Institute Became A De Facto Lobbying Arm Of The Timber Industry

"As Oregon Gov. Kate Brown crafted a bill in 2018 to enact sweeping limits on greenhouse gas emissions, leaders at an obscure state agency worked behind the scenes to discredit research they feared would persuade her to target one of the state’s most powerful industries.

The research, published that March, calculated for the first time how much carbon was lost to the atmosphere as a result of cutting trees in Oregon. It concluded that logging, once thought to have no negative effect on global warming, was among the state’s biggest climate polluters.

Researchers led by Oregon State University forest ecologist Beverly Law found that the state could dramatically shrink its carbon footprint if trees on private land were cut less frequently, a recommendation that pushed against the approach of Wall Street real estate trusts and investment funds that cut trees at a younger age to maximize profits."

Rob Davis reports for the Portland Oregonian and Tony Schick reports for OPB in partnership with ProPublica August 4, 2020.


"Big Money Bought Oregon’s Forests. Small Timber Communities Are Paying The Price." (Oregonian/OPB)


Source: Oregonian/OPB, 08/05/2020