"Report: Climate Change Threatens These 29 Michigan Chemical Sites"

"Climate change is likely to bring more catastrophes to Michigan, and a new federal report warns that 29 sites that use hazardous chemicals are in the pathway of worsening floods driven by a changing planet.

The sites include a plastics manufacturer in Wyandotte, a sewage treatment plant in Jackson, an ice-cream maker in Ludington and a petroleum fuel terminal in St. Clair, according to a recent federal report that reviewed climate risks throughout the nation.

The report did not consider whether any particular site had adequate safeguards to protect against floods, fires and other hazards, but authors warned that, in general, industry and regulators must do a better job of protecting those sites from worsening weather extremes."

Kelly House reports for Bridge Michigan March 16, 2022.


"Chemical Accident Prevention: EPA Should Ensure Regulated Facilities Consider Risks from Climate Change" (GAO)

Source: Bridge Michigan, 03/17/2022