Romney, Wooing Farmers, Attacks Phantom Obama Carbon Dioxide Rules

"Mitt Romney's campaign opened an attack on the Obama administration's climate change policies yesterday by warning farmers that greenhouse gas regulations could hike fuel prices. He also suggested that President Obama might pursue a carbon-pinching cap-and-trade program if he wins the election."

"The new wrinkle in Romney's economic argument is a touchstone for rural voters in crucial swing states, where concern about the government's reach extends to field dust, pesticides and tractor emissions. It is also aimed at a key bloc of voters in must-have states like Ohio and Iowa.

Surrounded by hay bales in front of a white barn, Romney told a windblown crowd in Van Meter, Iowa, that President Obama's administration is aggressively pursuing environmental initiatives that could harm farmers. In doing so, he touched on some policies that U.S. EPA has denied pursuing. Romney also suggested that emission-pricing legislation could resurface if Obama is re-elected, even though Obama has sharply retreated from sweeping climate efforts."

Evan Lehman reports for ClimateWire October 10, 2012.

Source: ClimateWire, 10/11/2012