Some Manufacturers Say Energy Efficiency Testing Rule Goes Too Far

"Some appliance manufacturers are pushing back against an energy efficiency testing proposal from the Department of Energy (DOE) designed to benefit the industry.

The agency currently sets forth how companies must test their products to determine whether they meet energy efficiency standards, but under the new proposal, companies would be able to develop their own testing procedures.

The rule would apply to everything from refrigerator motors to air conditioners to lightbulbs.

“Carrier thinks this is bad policy as it opens the door for bad actors to abuse the system and introduce and/or misrepresent underperforming products into the marketplace,” the air conditioning and refrigeration company wrote in comments to the Energy Department earlier this month that were reviewed by The Hill.

Environmental groups and state attorneys general have also spoken out against the proposal, but the public comments show a division within the industry over the proposed changes."

Rebecca Beitsch reports for The Hill August 26, 2019.

Source: The Hill, 08/27/2019