"Some Young Evangelicals Abandoning Trump Over Climate Change?"

"While conservative Christians remain staunch supporters of the president, the climate consciousness of Generation Z could bring a political shift in the long-term."

"Emily Robertson is a senior at Covenant College on Lookout Mountain near Chattanooga, Tennessee. She's also an evangelical Christian, which makes her part of a key voting bloc for President Donald Trump.

But Trump won't get a vote from Robertson, who describes faith as the most important thing in her life, and who is a fellow with the growing Young Evangelicals for Climate Action. She does not like the president's climate change agenda, or rather, the lack of one.

'It's clear what has happened,' she said. 'He's very opposed to good climate policy. He's a very adamant denier of climate change. For me, I intend to vote for Joe Biden, especially because of climate. I do not want to support the president for his efforts slashing more and more environmental policies.'"

James Bruggers reports for InsideClimate News September 25, 2020.

Source: InsideClimate News, 09/25/2020