"Tribes, Green Groups Sue Over Trump Rollback Of Water Rights"

"The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is being sued for the second time in a week over a rule that limits states’ ability to fight big projects such as pipelines, with tribes and environmental groups who fear damage to nearby waters taking the latest action in court.

The new suit, filed Tuesday on behalf of three different tribal groups and the Sierra Club, argues states and tribes have a right to place conditions on federal projects that could degrade waters within their borders or to reject them altogether.

“Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe works incredibly hard to protect its tribal waters, adopting protective water quality standards over a decade ago,” Anthony Sampson, chairman of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe in Nevada, said in a release. “These changes that cut into the tribe’s ability to protect its waters and fish harm us all.”"

Rebecca Beitsch reports for The Hill September 1, 2020.

Source: The Hill, 09/02/2020