"Trump Dines Out On Shark-Fin Soup"

"President Trump's Vietnamese hosts served him shark-fin soup instead of his customary steak Saturday in a culinary move that may have had political undertones.

Presented as the fifth course at Saturday's State Dinner in Hanoi, the soup was at the very least far more adventurous than Trump's standard beefy fare. In addition to shark fin and shrimp, the soup included 'fish maw,' according to the menu.

Fish maw refers to the flavor-absorbing dried swim bladder of a large fish like a sturgeon.

But it's the shark fin in the soup, while handsomely presented by female servers in pink dresses with cream silk pants and male servers in maroon dinner jackets, that may leave some with a bad taste in their mouth."

Michael Doyle Greenwire November 13, 2017.

Source: Greenwire, 11/14/2017