Trump Plans Rollback of Sage Grouse Protections to Spur Oil Exploration

"WASHINGTON — The Trump administration on Thursday published documents detailing its plan to roll back Obama-era protections for the vast habitat of the greater sage grouse, a chickenlike bird that roams across nearly 11 million acres in 10 oil-rich Western states.

The earlier proposal to protect the bird, whose waning numbers have brought it close to endangerment, was put forth under the Interior Department in 2015 and set out to ban or sharply reduce oil and gas drilling in 10.7 million acres of its habitat.

The Trump plan, by contrast, would limit the grouse’s protected habitat to just 1.8 million acres, essentially opening up nine million acres of land to drilling, mining and other development."

Coral Davenport reports for the New York Times December 6, 2018.


"Sage Grouse: BLM's Long-Awaited Revisions Emphasize State 'Flexibility'" (Greenwire)

Source: NY Times, 12/07/2018